Welcome to the Greyhawk At Peace campaign.

This campaign takes place in a D&D 2nd Ed Houserules setting that I have been running since 1988. The current campaign taps into that rich player-created history. In fact many of the ruling NPCs are ex PCs. By playing YOU shape the world.

The campaign is set in a D&D fantasy world with strong steampunk overtones. Instead of steam we have magic and astral power.

It is now 30 years since the end of the, Great War, and 25 years since the Sewermouth was deposed from the throne of the Reich.

The, Free Accord Treaty has ensured 25 years of peace and trade between all the Free Cities, which now include Gryffin Peak and Reich Capital. Industry and progress have flourished, with each of the Free Cities competing in trade and minor mercantile scuffles rather than all-out conflict.

But with progress has come untold suffering for those who toil in the great factories, and new religious and political schisms have opened across the land, as new ideas travel freely on the airships which cross the continent.

Join, play and create history!