Faery Island - Part 3

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The party finds itself separated, as each regain their senses alone on a strange island.

Gillan Evermore finds himself close to a bell on a raised platform with a cylindrical wooden container nearby. The bell rings and it’s frame starts to emanate light, much like an object with a light spell cast on it would. As he approached, the bell to investigate, a child rushes past him to the container. Another dashes from the bushes and assaults the first with a hatchet, killing him before Gillan could push him away. The two scuffle, and Gillan easily knocks out the kid. The kid eventually struggles free and runs, Gillan leaves him, but notices that he is heading towards a place with rising smoke, and decides to follow.

Kassandra Velglow comes across a clearing with a similar bell, as she begins to head towards it, she is attacked from behind by arrows, which miss. As she runs back, she notices a young girl of twelve failing at shooting with the bow. Kassandra recognizes her as Theocritan and tries speaking to her, but the girl turns and runs away. Kassandra kills her with an arcane missile. Unsure of what to do, Kassandra begins wandering, lost and cold.

Robert Mendenhall, as you must have guessed, also comes across a hill with a bell on top. He overhears two arguing and approaches, only to find two children arguing over the container. They dart when they see him, and he gives chase. The younger one, maybe ten years old, a girl, trips and Robert catches her. He treats her gently, and the girl warms up to him. Though the two can’t understand each other’s languages, they are able to exchange names, with the girl introducing herself as Evelynn. Robert tries to illustrate his questions, but only a little information is exchanged, that there are cottages in one direction.

Thinking that that must be where the other kid had run off, Robert heads towards the cottages with Evelynn in tow. However, the other kid, about eleven or twelve, eventually appears and runs off with Evelynn, who must have been his sister. Unsure of what to do, Robert thought he should take a look at the cottage first, a decision he would later regret.

Robert and Gillan reach the collection of cottages, finding it populated by a band of kids, led by a teenager. Robert, unaware of Gillan, approaches to ask for some food. The kids attack him with improvised weapons, alerting Gillan, who runs off with Robert. The two investigate the surrounding cottages, coming to the conclusion that the children in the cottages must be cannibals, and it must be why Evelynn’s brother took her in the opposite direction. The two decide to look for Kassandra.

Meanwhile, Kassandra was faring poorly. She had no outdoor skills to speak of. No water, no food, no shelter. The next day, she comes across the hill with the bell. The bell rings and she approaches, only finding dead rat inside, which she refuses to eat. She heads off towards the coast, where she spotted a lighthouse. On her way along the coast, she comes across two kids (Evelynn and her older brother) arguing over a pile of wood. They seemed to be arguing on whether to burn the book they had to light the fire. Thinking it was her spell book, Kassandra attacks the two with magic missiles, killing the girl and injuring the boy. She tries to help the boy then, but he would have none of it, and runs off.

Gillan and Robert make their way to the lighthouse. Robert tries to open it using what little Selidorian he knows, but fails. The continue the search for Kassandra. Little did they know that they’re both going anti-clockwise around the island. As night sets, a louder clock-tower-like bell rings. Soon after, starving wild dogs appear on the island.

Kassandra eventually finds her way towards the light house, and finds Sewermouth there. She enters and takes shelter inside, discovering that the light house also contained a lab where Fervolite-Selidorian hybrid tech was being researched.

Robert and Gillan fight their way back to the lighthouse, where they find more dogs circling it. The only person who Robert knows can unlock it would be Kassandra. The two clear the siege and camp for the night. The next day, they begin grilling the dead dogs (and dead rat, which Kassandra didn’t loot)

Inside, Sewermouth alerts Kassandra to Robert and Gillan outside, but before that, he discusses what she had done with her, making sure she understood exactly what she had done. Kassandra quickly realizes that if Robert learns of this, that he will never forgive her, and perhaps more importantly, so will Chris, her fiance. He strikes a deal with her. If she holds her silence, so will he, and he would bring back her spell book. After some thought, she accepts and he uses his magic to bring back her Spellbook.

Outside, the group has a warm reunion, and feast on dog and rat meat. Omnomnom. The group spends a day resting and trying to figure out what to do. They eventually decide on a plan to capture one of the kids to have Kassandra ask them for information.

The plan fails. The next day, as the group is heading out of the lighthouse, a party of the kids in the cottages assault them. Though hesitant to hurt them at first, Robert recognizes them as showing signs of being the Lost, but he was soon cut down. Gillan and Kassandra are able to mop up the rest, though. After recuperating, the group heads for the cottages, where they finish off the last two Lost kids.

Inside the main cottage (of Selidorian architecture), the group finds the symbol of Neurall built into it. The Lost seemed to have been cooking Evelynn’s older brother. The party also discovers a pile of bodies in one of the huts, which included young Evelynn. Luckily for Kassandra, the cause of death was not apparent.

For the rest of the day, Robert digs graves for the children, including the Lost. As he prays to Selidor over their graves, a mist sets in, heralding the end of another chapter on the Feary Island.



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