Open letter in GP Times from Star Heelios

Star HeeliosDear Wise Council,
I have prayed to St Cuthbert for answers and guidance and he has provided me with both. In short, I know that High Elder O’Brien has fabricated Paladin Barnnigan’s guilt. I know this because it was me who appropriated the 500,000 gp for my mission here.
I suspect that O’Brien has covered up my crimes to misdirect attention from his predilection for younger student girls in Greyhawk.
I state again: Paladin Brannigan is innocent; I am guilty.
However, I care not for your opprobrium: my soul remains safe in the hands of St Cuthbert. And Admiral Marcus Rufus has stated that he is content that I remain Head of The Church and Religious Council.
Release Brannigan and declare your intentions against me – I care not.

Yours In St Cuthbert,

Star Helios


The article is also accompanied by an interview with Admiral Marcus, in which he discusses corruption in the COSC in the mainland — and how he believes that Star Helios offers a a fresh start that brings the best of the faith, along with a nwe outlook suitable for the colonists of GP.


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