The GP Times contains an interview with, Lord Beremont. He explains that he has been granted license by The Admiral to set up a Mages Guild, The Sad Moon, on GP. He used to be a mage himself till an astral parasite lodged in his brain and rendered him inert. Now he wishes to see others grow in magic. He has already had some very junior mages join from The Theocracy and hopes that some ambitious plans he has will come off in the next few months.

All mages are welcome to join: unless exempt, all magic users on GP for longer than 4 weeks in a year must join for 2000 gp as per their level +10% annual fee. So a 6th level mage would have to pay a one off fee of 12,000 gp, and an annual fee of 1200 gp for their magic permit. 5x initial joining fee may be paid as a one off retirement fee.

The Guild is located in Midtown, Admiral’s Isle, “Old Lord’s House,” off Holy Twist Road, in the purple roofed mansion.



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