Simply Content

“Robert, I’ve got to say, it may have been all about the gold and the sex so far… But I think there might be something more here.” Amber Blade said as she prepares to climb the ladder up to Tudor Morgan’s balloon.

Lord Robert Mendenhal, one of the liberators and founders of Griffinpeak, celebrated hero of Yben’t and most of the free cities, dragon-rider, and soon-to-be Selidorian Knight, looks up at the red-haired adventuress, half in shock. “Did she just say something senti-“


His train of thoughts is interrupted by a loud open-handed slap on his check, and a whiff of Amber’s hair as she twirled and made her way up the ladder.

“-mental?” He finished in his mind as he traces the imprint her hand made on his cheek. “Hey!” He protests. “What was that for!?”

Robert races after her, intent on exacting vengeance, yet as fast and athletic as he is, he is nowhere near as nimble or maneuverable as the red-haired thief. This was doubly true on the balloon, as she was raised in the Hold of the Sea Princes, where she no doubt done her fair share of climbing about ships.

“Why am I doing this?” Robert asks himself. Sometimes, Robert wonders why he is still with his woman. “Well… She is not dead, like Penelope, or an Iuzian Vampire (And double dead), like Frau Leutnant Evangeline, or a Succubus, like Selene.”

Aside from probably confidence, and, from his view as he climbs after her, an amazing ass, Amber lacks most of the positive qualities of his former conquests. She is vain, aggressive, and impulsive. She deals poorly with authority, is poorly mannered, and has a sewer mouth… Much like himself, Robert realizes. And come to think of it, being an active adventurer, she probably has the better ass.

“She’s simple.” He thought. “I’m simple… We are simple.”

Robert pulls himself onto the deck, then glances down. He sees Kassandra being helped up the ladder by Tudor. The poor girl still looked like a wreck. Her relationship with Lord Kris was shattered, due to his suspected infidelity. She was so engrossed in her perfect fantasy that the slightest imperfection caused the whole thing to fall apart.

“And I think I like it better that way. No expectations, no fantasies, no pressure.”

“Tired already? Weak.” Amber calls from inside the balloon compartment.

Robert turns and smirks.

“You know… I think there might be something more here as well… Catch.”

He takes a tube-like item rolled in cloth and tosses it to Amber. Inside is a masterwork dagger with a monogrammed “CC”(standing for Cal Cutter) etched at the base of the blade.



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