Lord Chief Justice Osk

Dilian Lizardman, Head of the council of Law and Administration


Tall and wide dilia. He is generally seen wearing a Long red ermine trimmed robe (similar to a judges robe) combined with britches and a silk sash tied round his expansive waist. He is almost always carried everywhere in a sedan chair by 4 Kommodans and is usually accompanied by a vast entourage of lackies and servants.

Attitude: Slow and Thoughtful but full of himself. He prides himself on knowing the law and all the appropriate procedures to the letter. He has been known to give very strict sentences for minor crimes to ensure examples are made.
Entourage: Osk is generally accompanied by:
Senior Clerk Barrons;
Senior Judicial Officer Pike;
Document Archivist Slake and his team of Gekkotta.


Lord Chief Justice Osk

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