Lord Guy de Arnequer

Gekkotan Lizardman, Noble and Trendsetter


Description: Bright Green Gekkottan he dresses lavishly (even for a Gekkottan) and is highly regarded in the social circles. Many Gekkottans (and indeed other lizardmen subspecies) look to him for fashions and trends. He is normally accompanied by Lady Bouvoir de Arnequer and their entourage of dressers and sycophants. Tales abound of Guy changing outfits 3 times during a meeting of the senate.

Attitude: Slick and assured. Very arrogant. He often reacts to things like a spoiled child as he is very rarely told an answer he doesn’t like.
Is often closely seen with Lord Poignard.


The Lord and Lady pride themselves on throwing the biggest and most extravagant parties and will often go to great lengths to top any others.
The Lord made his money through inheritance and this wealth came from land taxes on the vast swathes of estates in the family name. A marriage between his family and that of Lady Bouvoir multiplied this wealth astronomically. When the land was initially bequeathed it was passed into the hands of Guy and his siblings. All of the siblings met an untimely demise soon after and a lengthy investigation proved Guy to be completely innocent. Several nobles have made the mistake of throwing accusations at Guy and all have found themselves facing the might of his lawyers and nearly all have been bankrupted in the process, some of the accusers have also met an untimely end.

Lord Guy de Arnequer

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