Selidorian Spear: Lord Knight Siegfried

A magical blue spear with a faint aura


Siegfried is the Selidorian Knight whose soul was bound to the spear from the Astral Plane. He is a stern mentor to Robert Mendenhal, and offers wise council.

For ingame purposes, the Spear is a +2 magical weapon that can cast cure light wounds 3 times a day. As Robert’s link with the weapon improves, they develop magical synergy. Robert can call the spear to his hand from anywhere in the world once per day, as well as pull it to his reach if it is within sight any number of times per day.

Siegfried extinguished himself when Robert handed him over to an Iuzzian Priest in exchange for freeing Amber Blade.


Selidorian Spear: Lord Knight Siegfried

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